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10 Reasons to Choose Chat Logic

Add chat to websites with Chat Logic! Not only are we one of the few chat companies on the planet exclusively dedicated to answering your chats and providing you with the service, support and technology to back it up, but we’d like to give you ten reasons why we are the best chat outsourcing provider. We think you’ll agree that allowing us to attend your chat at a cost savings of 80 to 90 percent under what it will cost to do it in-house is a great reason to consider us — but just in case you’re not convinced – here are a few more reasons:

1. Complete Chat Management Solutions

There are many chat software companies that can add chat to websites, but few are solely dedicated to providing complete chat management solutions. With Chat Logic, you are paying for a full service chat staffing provider that is a “one stop shop.” We provide the software and the chat agents to man your site 24/7, so no visitor ever goes unattended. Once each chat is complete, the entire transcript, along with contact information for each visitor, is then emailed to your team for review.

2. Dedicated Chat Only Facility

Chat Logic’s Operations Center has the largest chat-only outsourcing contact center in the southeastern United States.

3. 100% U.S. Based Chat Agents

Chat Logic’s Operations Center is located in Cleveland, Tennessee, in the United States of America. All chat agents answer inbound chats from this facility. “The South” has a famous tradition where hospitality and excellent service are part of the culture. From every interaction with your account executive to your dealings with the rest of our team members, you’ll notice a distinct attitude of excellence in service and a strong desire to please our customers. Likewise your customers will receive this extraordinary level of service with every chat. We take great pride in our organization’s culture of service.

4. Chat Outsourcing

With so much emphasis placed on the bottom line, companies are continuously looking for ways to cut costs. One way is outsourcing certain work to a third party. Outsourcing typically has a negative connotation, as most people assume that it results in poor quality. We like to refer to our service as “insourcing.” Chat Logic works very closely with our clients to stay on top of changes through continuous training. We also believe in American jobs, and we will NEVER have agents that are not U.S. based. So with Chat Logic, chat outsourcing is an extension of your organization serving your customers with the same care and professionalism you demand from your staff.

5. Free Chat Software Included

When you add chat to websites with Chat Logic, you’ll have the option to receive access to the Chat Logic chat platform. This means you can use our system to answer your chats internally or have our operators answer them (referred to as our “hybrid deployment”). You can also use day and hour assignment rules, as well as overflow traffic quotas to automate the flow of chats to the destination of your choice.

6. No Long Term Contracts

At Chat Logic, we don’t believe in long term contracts. We believe we need to earn your business every day, with every single chat. This is why you can cancel your service at any time — with no penalty — and we’ll work hard to make sure you don’t.

7. Evolving Knowledge Base

Chat Logic utilizes a state-of-the-art Evolving Knowledge Base technology to provide 24/7 live chat services. This engine provides Chat Logic, and thus chat Logic’s customers, with a powerful tool that enables one team of operators to service around 100 totally different customers, thereby reducing the cost of handling each chat. Chat Logic is then able to pass this cost savings on to all of our customers, making us the most affordable solution available for providing 24/7 live chat answering on your website — in most cases even less than outsourcing to an offshore BPO.

8. Pay-As-You-Grow™ Billing

Pay-As-You-Grow™ billing from Chat Logic makes our service affordable for the smallest plastic surgery clinic or the largest global online retailer. Customers are billed a small monthly fee for our chat specialists’ availability, but per chat charges are kept low and based only on successful chats. This way, your business can grow as our chat services produce results. Chat Logic’s billing is completely performance based – no per minute billing here. At Chat Logic, you are never charged for a chat if we don’t meet the objectives you set for us. Please visit the 24/7 Live Chat Plans page for more information on pricing.

9. Customer Is Always, Always, Right™

Chat Logic’s principle corporate philosophy is very simple. Our customer is always, always right! No exceptions. Because the essence of our product is earning your trust in providing your customers with extraordinary service with each and every chat, we’ve eliminated any margin for error with this basic principle fundamentally instilled in Chat Logic’s employees. We live it, breathe it and practice it every day.

10. Be Online In 72 Hours

Getting started has never been easier. When you sign up for a FREE trial, we’ll do all of the work for you from learning your business, to training our Chat Specialists, to customizing graphics and branding, to implementing the code on your website pages. A typical low-complexity implementation takes about 72 hours or less to go live. Your Account Executive and Client Liaison will be right there during every step of the process.