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Why is 24/7 Live Chat Important for Your Website?

Are you getting the most out of your marketing dollars? You actively engage in promotions to drive traffic to your website, but are you getting the most return from your investment? The problem is that without live chat your website is like a storefront with no one to staff it. Conversion rates are typically a mere 1-2 percent for website without 24×7 live chat.

So you have to ask yourself: What is the purpose of your website, if not to encourage potential customers in various buying stages to convert into leads? The market place is changing, and consumers prefer to communicate instantly via text-type interaction. To keep up with this trend, smart companies engage a full service chat management solutions provider like Chat Logic.

Our live agents are much like an online secretary or receptionist that proactively engage every visitor on your website. By providing potential clients with immediate access to help, you eliminate the need to wait for normal operating hours to answer questions, schedule an appointment or make a sale. Live chat has proven to increase our clients’ conversion rates and significantly expand their customer base. In fact, with Chat Logic the average website conversion rate is 10.25 percent.

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